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International Taxi refers to Seoul City’s official foreign-language taxi service designed for foreigners residing in Seoul or simply visiting.

Taxi Options

Medium Taxi

Max - 3 ppl · 4 bags

Large Taxi

Max - 7 ppl · 7 bags

Service Process

Step 1.

Make a booking with Enkor team

Step 2.

Check your booking confirmation email

Step 3.

Meet your driver at your pickup location

Step 4.

Sit back and relax

Taxi Route

Airport to Quarantine Address

Weekdays09:00 ~ 18:00

Saturday09:00 ~ 13:00

  1. Airport
  2. Public Health Center
    (When available)
  3. Quarantine

Public Health Center Round Trip

Terminal 100:00 ~ 24:00

Terminal 212:00 ~ 21:00

  1. Quarantine
  2. Public Health Center
  3. Quarantine


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